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SOTD: Everlast – I Get By

Love the lyrics, love the rhymes, love the voice.  I just dig it. Download “I Get By” Now on iTunes: http://itun.es/iBf35k Audio Video for I Get By performed by Everlast a.k.a. Whitey Ford from his upcoming new album, Songs of the Ungrateful Living, In Stores October 18th, 2011. Like Everlast on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/everlastmusic Or follow […]

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SOTD: The Bodeans – Closer to Free

I’m thinking that this may be the official theme song for my podcast and radio show.  I just wish it wasn’t already the theme song to a d-baggy 90s TV show.

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SOTD: Lola – the Kinks

@JDEnigma, a guy I suggest you follow on twitter, tweeted a Kinks song tonight.  I dug it and it got me looking for other songs on youtube.  Funny how there are these songs that you have forgotten, UNTIL you hear them and suddenly you remember every word.  Here’s one, at least for me.

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SOTD: Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean feat. Ludacris

This is one that REALLY reminds me of high school days!  I posted two versions, I prefer the Ludacris version for listening, but the official video is my preference for watching.

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SOTD: Mumford & Sons – The Cave

Just something about it.  Interesting lyrics, good harmonies and I dig acoustic too.  Enjoy. P.S. Thanks to my daughter Abbie for introducing me to this song, long before it was on the radio.

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Michael Franti

SOTD: Michael Franti – Hey, Hey, Hey

Taking a break from the rebellious, libertarian-anarchist memes today.  It’s unlikely that I would be a Michael Franti fan considering his Obama Song during the last election.  But, when I need to just feel good in a deep down, to-the-core sort of way, Franti along with Amos Lee are my go to playlist.     […]

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SOTD: Low Life – Theory of a Deadman

So here’s the deal, I love these guys.  Don’t take it too seriously, just enjoy ’cause it’s just fun stuff… Language warning. Don’t click play if 4-letter words hurt your ears.  Fair warning. Favorite line: “You can’t change somethin’ you don’t understand.”   Damn, maybe my favorite line is: “I’m thrilled to be a hillbilly, […]

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Hinder Live

SOTD: Hinder – What Ya Gonna Do

I love Winkler’s vocals on this song, methinks he’s enjoyed a glass of whisky or two or twenty-three. My kinda guy. Whether it’s whisky or something else we lean on, chemical or otherwise, we need to ask the question, “Whatcha gonna do when the ______ ain’t working anymore?” Keeps us on our toes, no? From […]

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SOTD: America – Ventura Highway

So, I’ve replayed this 6 times now, so I guess it qualifies as my Song of the Day. I wore out the vinyl on the “greatest hits” album. Ventura Highway was my favorite, Sister Golden Hair a close second. Favorite line(s): Cause a free wind is blowing through your hair And the days surround your […]

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