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Was School House Rock Wrong?

Nice analysis from Unified Patriots–> http://bit.ly/riJ5qA A) Schoolhouse Rock was right B) Our Gov. Officials should have to re-watch it until they can sing the songs by heart   Advertisements

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Declaration of Independents

The Declaration of Independents – Review & Interview with Matt Welch

Review In The Declaration of Independents, Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie, while acknowledging the problems we face ,  display an optimistic outlook for expanding personal liberty. The tone of book is set with the statement, We are happy warriors against, busybodies, elites, and gatekeepers who insist on dictating how other people should live their lives. […]

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Dan Mitchell

Interview with Dan Mitchell

I had the pleasure of spending some time on the phone with Cato Institute Senior Fellow and author of the blog, International Liberty, on the show this evening.  We discussed Liberal ideology and deficit reduction, the economic problems in Greece and a recent study that states individualism vs collectivism is the only cultural factor that […]

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Pat Bauer

Rule: Never Vote for a Guy in a Rug

The standoff between the Republicans and Democrats in Indiana reminded me of: Voting Rule #129:  Never, ever vote for a guy that wears a toupee. When 37 Indiana Democrats left the state for Illinois (new motto:  the Democrat Refugee State), they took with them their fearful leader, Pat Bauer.  This resulted in a two-week onslaught […]

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Cartoon of the Day

I’ve discovered a new political cartoonist, A. F. Branco. Enjoy! Click here to see more of his work!

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On WIBC from 5-7pm Eastern Today

Some topics I’ll bring to the table today: Media reaction to the Obama Super Bowl interview Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution Fines for not taking marriage counseling before getting married in Indiana?! Quote of the week from Andrew Klavan Moore hypocrisy & HuffPo scandal Call-in, email, tweet or post on these or your own topics […]

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Perfect Klavan

Only Andrew Klavan could come up with a line as clever and truthful as, “Clearly, this right-wing hatred has got to stop before Democrats kill somebody.”  Good look at the “not so new” civility – Thanks Andrew!

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Something I Don’t Understand

I know you should write about things you know.   But today I’m writing about something I just can’t seem to get my head around; American Foreign Policy.  This has been eating at me since the turmoil (revolution) began in Egypt.  At first I was going to use some quotes from the current administration regarding […]

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Preach it Brother Klavan

I like to change the old saying to “The road to serfdom is paved with good intentions”, apologies to Hayek  either way Klavan is a master!   Andrew Klavan: The Highway to Hell, Leftist Rem…,  

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