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T’was a Big Week for Space – Part 1

Wow.  Statists and collectivists we are in full-blown panic mode on several fronts.  Since their shrillness and predictions of doom, having lost their effect, they have turned to alien invasion as their scare tactic of last resort.  First we have an odd exchange on Fareed Zakaria‘s show where Paul Krugman actually suggests that an invasion […]

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Union Workers in Indianapolis

Is Krugman Right is America an Oligarchy?

Paul Krugman says that’s the case in his column from 2/20/11.  There are a few points to ponder here.  First, Mr. Krugman reminds us the Representative Paul Ryan (R) was among those that compared Madison to Cairo last week.  Krugman admits that Ryan did not intend to compare Gov. Scott Walker to Hosni Mubarak, but […]

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Wish Krugman would do this more oftem

Liberals waiting around for Krugman to tell them what they should think about the Egyptian crisis got the truth this time Paul Krugman’s analysis of the mess in Egypt – New York Times via Mediaite.

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