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A Lesson for Interviewers

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer learns the hard way… AGAIN.  You should always know the answer to a question before you ask it in an interview, especially when you believe you have a “gotcha”. For the record: Mo Brooks graduated from Grissom High School in 1972 (where he was all-city in baseball and an active member on […]

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Entitlement Rip-Off

Ran across this article from John Stossel  this week. John Stossel : Entitlement Rip-Off I’ve been thinking about this since the health care debate started.  There’s not much I can add to Stossel’s assessment of Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid except this; our leaders tell us that there is a big Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid meltdown ahead if we do […]

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