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Are you tired of opportunists?

Saw this today. It sums up my feelings on the Bin Laden matter completely and accurately. Over the past few days I’ve heard all kinds of opinion on the radio and on television regarding whose policies should get credit for bringing down public enemy #1. Bush worked on this for 8 years. he laid the […]

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Don’t Ask What Your Country Can Do For Your Company

…ask what your company can do for me.President Obama tried to channel JFK today, 2/7/11, and failed. His failure wasn’t in being eloquent or a good speaker: it was in the basic understanding of the role of business and the role of government in a free country.

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Something I Don’t Understand

I know you should write about things you know.   But today I’m writing about something I just can’t seem to get my head around; American Foreign Policy.  This has been eating at me since the turmoil (revolution) began in Egypt.  At first I was going to use some quotes from the current administration regarding […]

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