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T’was a Big Week for Space – Part 1

Wow.  Statists and collectivists we are in full-blown panic mode on several fronts.  Since their shrillness and predictions of doom, having lost their effect, they have turned to alien invasion as their scare tactic of last resort.  First we have an odd exchange on Fareed Zakaria‘s show where Paul Krugman actually suggests that an invasion […]

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Declaration of Independents

The Declaration of Independents – Review & Interview with Matt Welch

Review In The Declaration of Independents, Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie, while acknowledging the problems we face ,  display an optimistic outlook for expanding personal liberty. The tone of book is set with the statement, We are happy warriors against, busybodies, elites, and gatekeepers who insist on dictating how other people should live their lives. […]

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Who’s Really Responsible for Monopolies?

On my 93.1 WIBC program  Friday 7/1/2011, we detailed the source of most monopolistic behavior in American business.  It’s not evil companies, it’s government control, regulation and meddling in the free market.  In a truly free market, monopolies can only exist for a brief blip in time, usually when a technology or idea is new.  […]

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Republican – Democrat, Po-Tay-Toe – Po-Tah-Toe

As a  libertarian on a conservative radio station in the Midwest (93 WIBC – Indianapolis) I occasionally find myself at odds with my listeners.  Imagine that. This was the case a few weeks ago when a caller got upset with me for calling government a “necessary evil”. Caller: “Who do you think the government is […]

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Devin Leonard

Can We, Should We Save the USPS?

Devin Leonard authored a very thorough look at the issues facing the USPS in Bloomberg Businessweek recently.  We discussed the issues, good, bad and ugly on 93 WIBC on Friday evening. Related Links: The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse Follow Devin Leonard on Twitter

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Dan Mitchell

Interview with Dan Mitchell

I had the pleasure of spending some time on the phone with Cato Institute Senior Fellow and author of the blog, International Liberty, on the show this evening.  We discussed Liberal ideology and deficit reduction, the economic problems in Greece and a recent study that states individualism vs collectivism is the only cultural factor that […]

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Kate Downes & Lewy

Summer Learning Loss – Is It Robbing Kids of a Year of Education?

There was an article that caught my attention in the Indianapolis Star this week about “Summer Learning Loss“.  You know how your kids complain about having to review half of the past school year every fall?  Educators do that because so many kids come back from summer vacation having forgotten much a lot of what […]

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Dr. Walter E. Williams

Minimum Wage Fraud: Interview with Dr. Walter Williams

If you still believe the myth that minimum wage increases help those at the bottom of the economic ladder, Unequal Harm: Racial Disparities in the Employment Consequences of Minimum Wage Increases, a new research study by William E. Even of Miami University and David A. Macpherson from Trinity University, will give you some food for thought. […]

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Michele Borba

Social media, is it making our kids anti-social?

I spent some time last Friday speaking with Dr. Michele Borba about the effect that Social Media like Facebook and the smartphones we use to connect us to them might be having on Americans, especially pre-teens and teenagers.  I hope you enjoy the interview, and please share your thoughts below. My Take While technology and […]

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Gary Johnson

What is he thinking? Interview with Gary Johnson

I had the pleasure of sitting in for Denny Smith on WIBC May 6th.  It was the day after the first 2012 Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina.  We talked about mass transit initiatives, spending, crony capitalism and of course decriminalizing marijuana. My Thoughts I like the guy, maybe more than I like Ron Paul.  […]

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