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Hoping Obama Fails: Why Rush Was Right

I remember the outrage in January of 2009 when Rush Limbaugh said on this show, “I hope Obama fails.”  It came back to me this month when Joe Scarborough, member of the 1994 Republican class, turned MSNBC sycophant said, I’m rooting for the President, we all are rooting for the President, if Rush Limbaugh is […]

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Republican – Democrat, Po-Tay-Toe – Po-Tah-Toe

As a  libertarian on a conservative radio station in the Midwest (93 WIBC – Indianapolis) I occasionally find myself at odds with my listeners.  Imagine that. This was the case a few weeks ago when a caller got upset with me for calling government a “necessary evil”. Caller: “Who do you think the government is […]

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Devin Leonard

Can We, Should We Save the USPS?

Devin Leonard authored a very thorough look at the issues facing the USPS in Bloomberg Businessweek recently.  We discussed the issues, good, bad and ugly on 93 WIBC on Friday evening. Related Links: The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse Follow Devin Leonard on Twitter

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Stick a Fork in Pawlenty

As a potential Republican Presidential nominee, Tim Pawlenty was an interesting entry, especially when he decided to take on Romney’s Massachusetts plan by pointing out it was the model for the Affordable Health Care Act passed by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and everybody’s favorite statist Barack Obama.  Pawlenty even came up with a great name […]

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