Proof We Can Cut Spending Everywhere

One suggestion I have made to get us out of the overspending-deficit mess we are in is to stop arguing over where we should cut spending.  We can easily find 10% waste in every single thing government does. So I suggest an across the board 10% reduction in all spending. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

When I first mentioned this, my right leaning, hawkish friends revolted. No! Don’t you know we are in a global war on terrorism?!  Do you want to let the terrorists win?!

Well my military industrial complex supporting pals, let me point you to a DoD Inspector General Audit  that was leaked and is now in the public domain.  Let me pull out a few highlights for you.

  • $644.75 for a small gear that sells for $12.51, a 5,100% overcharge
  • $1,678.61 for another part that could have been bought within DoD for $7.71, a 21,000% overcharge
  • $71.01 for a straight, thin metal pin that sells for 4 cents, %177,000 overcharge. Adding insult to injury, DoD ALREADY had tens of thousands of these on hand

Overall, the DoD Audit reports, conservatively in my view, that it overpaid Boeing $13 million on these parts.   Keep in mind, this is just one contract, one vendor. How much more of this is going on in DoD alone.  What about the CIA, FDA, NEA, ATF (why don’t we just eliminate these guys), IRS (them too) and on and on.

How many audits like this haven’t been leaked?  How many government programs aren’t audited at all?  Let’s stop worrying about where we cut and recognize our government is fat.  If you don’t think we can cut %10, %15 even %25 of government spending just look at this report.  $71 for a part that can be purchased for 4 cents…but we don’t even need to buy them because we have thousands already in inventory.

Look at your pay stub next payday.  Notice how much money was stolen from you before you ever saw it.  Some, maybe most, of it was spent on this kind of incompetence.  To paraphrase Milton Friedman, no one can spend your money more wisely than you can.

P.S. Hey Boeing, on the one hand, if you can’t do something as relatively simple as keeping track of your inventory, I don’t want my butt 30K feet above the ground  in a plane you built.  On the other hand, if you intentionally robbed the American taxpayer in this way, you should be barred from any government contract forever.  Either way, you suck.


About Larry Downes

Son, brother, husband, father, boss, mentor & friend. Believer in unfettered personal liberty. Occasional host on 93.1 WIBC in Indianapolis.

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