Interview with Dan Mitchell

Dan Mitchell

Dan Mitchell - Cato Institute

I had the pleasure of spending some time on the phone with Cato Institute Senior Fellow and author of the blog, International Liberty, on the show this evening.  We discussed Liberal ideology and deficit reduction, the economic problems in Greece and a recent study that states individualism vs collectivism is the only cultural factor that has a significant impact on long-term economic growth.  Guess which one leads to growth?  Enjoy the interview.

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Son, brother, husband, father, boss, mentor & friend. Believer in unfettered personal liberty. Occasional host on 93.1 WIBC in Indianapolis.

One Response to “Interview with Dan Mitchell”

  1. Thanks, Larry.. I really respect Dan Mitchell, and was just at his blog recently. He’s a smart guy. If you like I just wrote a serious essay that you might like called, “On Liberation and Oppression.” In it, I try to explain people’s misunderstanding of freedom and thus, how misguided “liberation” movements can and do lead to tyranny and oppression. Good luck with the radio career and you’re welcome on my blog anytime. Sincerely, rogue

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