Stick a Fork in Pawlenty

Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty at the Govern...

Tim Pawlenty

As a potential Republican Presidential nominee, Tim Pawlenty was an interesting entry, especially when he decided to take on Romney’s Massachusetts plan by pointing out it was the model for the Affordable Health Care Act passed by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and everybody’s favorite statist Barack Obama.  Pawlenty even came up with a great name for both plans, Obam-NeyCare. Brilliant! But…

Then he came face to face with Romney in the CNN debate and wouldn’t push the subject. In fact he denied he was even talking about Romney when he coined the phrase. He tried to play it off as an attack on Obama not Romney.

Dear Tim, a statist is a statist; a collectivist is a collectivist, no matter the party.  Romney’s assertion that forcing an individual to buy a product is okay if done by a state but not when  done by the feds is ludicrous.  You had the opportunity to point out Mitt’s hypocrisy and whiffed it.  In fact, it looked like you were afraid to challenge Romney face to face.  I can’t support someone who doesn’t stand up for their beliefs and I really can’t support a wimp.  Sorry Mr. Pawlenty, no second chances.  Stick a fork in your candidacy.


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