I Wish They Were this Serious About Serious Matters

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D) of New York

I really like Bret Baier.  He presents himself as a serious journalist and asks good, tough questions.   He’s no Britt Hume, but probably the best Fox could have gotten to replace Britt a few years back and he’s growing into the role nicely.  But he let me down a bit today.  I’m watching Special Report, not sure why it’s called Special Report since it’s on 5 nights a week, but that’s another rant.  Anyway, Bret’s interview with New York Representative Anthony Weiner was embarrassing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think A. Weiner is,well,  a weiner. But,  pushing him to confirm or deny that the photo that was sent from his Twitter account was or was not actually him was just over the top. It’s pretty clear that @RepWeiner was hacked or pranked. I would have rather Brett spent 20 seconds joking about it with the representative and the rest of the time asking tough questions about Weiner’s statist policies.  But that’s just me.  Based on my Twitter timeline I’m the only one sick of the distractions from the real issue.

Jonah Goldberg had it right when he said, “Rarely have I heard so much about a story that matters so little…”

The real story here is that Representative Weiner, based on the photo, wears the same underwear I do.  #equalizer


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