Social media, is it making our kids anti-social?

Michele Borba

Michele Borba - The Big Book of Parenting Solutions

I spent some time last Friday speaking with Dr. Michele Borba about the effect that Social Media like Facebook and the smartphones we use to connect us to them might be having on Americans, especially pre-teens and teenagers.  I hope you enjoy the interview, and please share your thoughts below.

My Take

While technology and social media has the potential for great positive change, there is evidence that they also hold potential to cause problems, maybe even physiological problems.  Parents need to be aware of what’s happening beyond the sensational stories we hear on the news.  What are the devices doing to our kids brains and their personalities.  Do they stunt some of the social growth teens need to become well-adjusted adults?  While my suggestion in the interview that we treat smartphones and social networks as we do alcohol and tobacco was tongue-in-cheek, it’s an acceptable solution if we find that the data proves a direct link.

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