A Little Sad Today


Nikki G
Nikki G (Reed)


I’m a little sad today.  One of my favorite people, Nikki Reed, spent her last day at WIBC.  Nothing sinister, the company Nikki worked for is no longer the company we use for traffic information on WIBC.  So why am I a little sad?  Well, in the last year I’ve been with WIBC, Nikki is one of the standout people I’ve met.

At the tender age of…well let’s just say much younger than me, Nikki has learned how to really be herself both on her blog and on the air. Let me tell you, that’s not easy.  Being truly yourself in public is scary.  You are completely vulnerable when you do it.  That’s why so many blogs you read and people you hear on the radio sound fake.  It’s because they are.  It’s too scary for most to let the walls down.

On her blog, she lays it on the line.  You get all Nikki and even when she’s serious, she’s freaking hilarious. Nikki G’s Holla-Tastic Blog-o-ganza.  She’s also the best MS Paint artist I know.  Laugh if you like, but open up that P.O.S. and try to draw with a mouse.  It isn’t easy.

Honestly, her real talent could not be showcased doing morning drive traffic, but we did do some demos together.  Listen to some of them like this one or this one.  Remember, these were just demos.  I’m sure you can hear the potential as I did.  I believe Nikki is a (someday) star. Listen for her, read her blog, hell in a few months watch for a TV show, after all if a guy can get Shatner to do a show based on “SH*T His Dad Says”, Nikki will replace Charlie Sheen (but in a good way) before long.

*Nikki – if you read this.  I miss you already.



About Larry Downes

Son, brother, husband, father, boss, mentor & friend. Believer in unfettered personal liberty. Occasional host on 93.1 WIBC in Indianapolis.

One Response to “A Little Sad Today”

  1. I miss you too Larry! Thank you so much for the kind words- you made me get all misty lol which is hard to do due to my rule- “No crying in broadcasting” lol. It was a honor working with you and I know our friendship will continue on for a long time. See you soon!!

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