It’s Not Just MafiaWars & Farmville Anymore

Facebook in Egypt

Man names 1st born "Facebook'

All rise and praise the Zuckerberg and pay tribute to the Sergey while you’re at it.  The geeks have begun the whole “inherit the earth” thing.  What? you thought it was the “meek”?  Well there was a firmware problem in the first Gutenberg presses that resulted in a misprint.  Once it was discovered, the geeks felt it was best left alone.  It made it easier for them to proceed with little attention being paid to them.  But now the word is officially out.

Just putting this out there, this social network thing might be around for a while.  It’s not just MafiaWars and Farmville anymore, we’re talking Revolution-ville.   Well, it needs a catchier name but you get the idea.  According to TechCrunch, an Egyptian man has named his first born daughter “Facebook” as a tribute to the role that social networks played in Hosing Hosni.    On the one hand, I’m thinking, “poor kid”, on the other she could have ended up as “YouTube“.  Years of torment would have resulted and we won’t even talk about the consequences of being named  Yahoo!  Can you imagine how hard it is going to be for little Facebook to get a good Facebook username?

Kidding aside, it is amazing the power that free speech gives us. I guess that’s why it was first on the Founding Father’s list of all time , “Good Things”.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other networks played a pivotal role in allowing protesters to communicate, coordinate and spread the word to the outside world.  But, freedom fighters around the world, be vigilant, some unscrupulous leaders are following you now.  They’re hip to the game and showing up at rally points at the same time as the protesters intimidating, shooting, doing whatever is required to hold onto power over the people, and that’s just Organizing for America.


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