Are Democrats French?

Wisconsin Senate

Teacher's Union takes over Wisconsin State House

WKOW-TV in Madison Wisconsin is reporting Democratic senators have apparently fled the state to prevent a vote on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill, which would cut public employee union collective bargaining rights and require them to contribute to pensions and health care.

The Daily Caller reminds us that this is a redux of a 2003 stunt perpetrated by Texas Democrats who fled to a hotel room in neighboring Oklahoma to avoid a redistricting vote.

That leads me to ask this question, “Are most Democrats of French descent?”  Just askin.

Organizing for America is busing in non-Wisconsin teachers to help disrupt the workings of the Wisconsin Senate.  To help disrupt the workings of a duly elected, representative government (remember that I’ll come back to it).  At the same time, Wisconsin teachers have called in sick to protest for the second day in a row, effectively shutting down the states school system.  Well, that’s really good for the kids isn’t it?  Yeah.  These teachers really put the kids first.

The worst depiction of what’s going on in Wisconsin however is the ridiculous claim that the Union protests in Wisconsin is somehow akin to the revolution in Egypt.  How can anyone say that with a straight face or clean conscience?  People were dying and  fighting for their freedom in Egypt.  teachers in Wisconsin are fighting so they don’t have to contribute to their own health care coverage or retirement.  No these protests are nothing like what happened in Egypt.

But here’s more evidence that Democrats are really just the French.  Remember the violent October protests in Paris where marchers threw Molotov cocktails and blocked fuel supplies. Those strikes even had high school students conveniently blocking access to their own schools.  What caused the protest? The French government was merely increasing the age of retirement to 62 from 60, by 2018.  Sounds eerily similar.



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3 Responses to “Are Democrats French?”

  1. As a born and raised Wisconsinite and current resident of France, I don’t even know where to begin with this post.

    1. Paul Ryan, a REPUBLICAN, has been quoted comparing Madison to Cairo. There are people from both parties that are completely wrong in doing so.
    2. 60+ million people live in France. While striking is quintessentially a “French” thing, far from every French(wo)man supports it.
    3. Your generalizations are merely proof of your absolute ignorance of other viewpoints, countries and cultures.

  2. Chris,

    I appreciate your comments. Thank you for taking the time to write them. The “French” comparison was… 1) a well known and often used WWII comedic reference. As with all comedic references not everybody thinks they’re funny. 2) a progressive reference to unions disrupting true democratic processes in an anarchist manner, which is exactly what America isn’t about.

    Yes, Paul Ryan is actually who I first heard the Cairo comparison from and did not intend to represent that statement as a Democrat only boondoggle. Poor organization of thoughts on my part there.

    Thanks again Chris, and thanks again for reading and trowing your comments into the mix.


  1. Is Krugman right is America an Oligarchy? | I Am, Therefore I Think - February 21, 2011

    […] No.  Neither Representative Ryan nor anyone comparing the union protests in Wisconsin to the unrest in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Iran are correct.   It’s a poor comparison in every way and in fact has much more in common with the 2010 riots in Greece, France and London as I detailed last week. […]

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