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Cupid  Awake ~ Antique Lithograph

Interesting story on Fox News today. Hey, Valentine, How do you vote? is a study of how America feels about Valentine’s Day and the intermixing of Love and Politics.  Here are two findings that I thought were interesting.

Women (37 percent) are more likely than men (27 percent) to think it’s important to consider political views in matters of love.

This one surprises me. It just seems like political views are much less important to the women I know than the men I hang out with.  In fact, my wife would be over-the-moon if I never spouted another political opinion or watched the news again!

And Republicans (41 percent) and Democrats (30 percent) are more likely than independents (19 percent) to think so.

This one is completely predictable.  Republicans, especially the social conservatives in the party,  put more emphasis on finding a mate that matches their views because their key political views revolve around personal behavior and are a key part of their personal morality system.  Democrats are less likely to emphasize political compatibility because their political emphasis is on economic justice and less on personal behavior.  Independents, read Libertarians, have views more inline with live and let live.  Since they are more tolerant of strangers personal behavior, it stands to reason that they would be less judgmental when thinking about their partner’s political views.

Some things make perfect sense.


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Son, brother, husband, father, boss, mentor & friend. Believer in unfettered personal liberty. Occasional host on 93.1 WIBC in Indianapolis.

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