Congressman Pulls a Favre


Another Congressman caught with is shirt off

Another Congressman caught with is shirt off

Well not exactly. Rep. Christopher Lee of NY wasn’t as graphic as the QB that doesn’t know when to quit  ( in more ways than one).  But he’s equally stupid, possibly more so.

Brett Favre

Brett Favre another dude with no common sense

Let’s be real. A middle-aged lonely guy trying to get some strange in a city away from home. It’s really a private matter, he wasn’t hitting on interns or anything after all.  Charlie Rangel votes to raise taxes, breaks the laws he passes, then lectures the nation on how he’s being railroaded. who is less fit to serve?

Actually, that’s a loaded question. I wouldn’t hold the affair against him, but Lee sent photos through Craigslist to find a hook up.  Hey Chris, buddy,  ever heard of Brett Favre?  Name ring a bell?  And by the way Chris, did you attend any of the hearings on Craigslist  last year, if so why would you advertise your horndoggyness on a website you know your peers were investigating?  Even if the object of your, ah, affections didn’t try to blackmail you, there was a good chance Barney Frank might see your topless snapshot and invite you over for dinner with he and James, who wants to take chances like that?

On top of that you lied in the ad.  He told the lady he was a 39-year-old divorced lobbyist, but actually he was a 46-year-old married congressman. That breaks all three non-breakable female dating rules. At once!  He lied about his marital status (although I’m sure his wife doesn’t understand him), his age (I guess he looks ok, but he’s 7 years closer to little blue pills so…)  and finally he lied about his job, well I’m not sure it was a total lie.  Congressman-lobbiest, whore-john; I guess it’s really a matter of who’s paying isn’t it? Just semantics really.

So should Rep. Lee have resigned so quickly?  Absolutely, but not because he betrayed his wife, that’s a private matter. No, he shouldn’t hold office because he’s stupid.  Surely a congressman can find more discreet ways to get some company, isn’t there a Madam in that town or something?  Oh, yeah.  Scratch that.

Here’s the question that’s really bothering me. How much of our $14 trillion national debt is congressional 900 number toll charges from the 90s?


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