Best. Idea. EVER!

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So the left has their Spidey Man Underoos in a bunch because Keith Olbermann was unceremoniously dismissed by MSNBC.  Look, no love here for Olbey, but! There is an opportunity here!  Roger Ailes are you LISTENING!  HIRE Olbermann!  Imagine Fox News giving Olbermann a spot between Beck and O’Rielly! Or better yet Hannity and Olbey!

Okay Fox fans, before you send Karl Rove to my house to scare me into silence, hear me out.   Let’s consider taking Machiavelli’s advice and keep our friends close but our enemies closer. On top of having the Uber Liberal in the house where we can keep an eye on him, how could ANYONE argue that Fox News isn’t fair and balanced after this?! 

Okay, next concern.  Ratings.  Look, there is no other network where Olbermann could deliver ratings.  No one is going to watch him if he’s just another irrational, venom spewing liberal among a dozen other irrational, venom spewing liberals.  But liberals and conservatives alike would tune in to see the daily drama of Hannity and Olbey.  Sure, we would have to endure sporadic screeching fits between the two, but  on the bright side they might get so overwrought that they come to blows!

Seriously though.  There’s a lot of PR mileage for Fox News just to make an offer.  Roger Ailes pulled Juan Williams in after he was screwed over by NPR.   What are progressives going to do if he offers to give Olbermann a venue.  How could anyone argue that Fox News isn’t a bastion of free speech and fairness when they give liberal commentators a place at the table while the liberal media even silences its own!

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