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Mary's Wedding

Mary's Wedding @ IRT

Last Friday was date night with my lovely wife, Rhonda.  A very nice gift of Opening Night tickets to Mary’s Wedding at the Indianapolis Repertory Theater from my friend Charlie Morgan was the treat.  Rhonda and I don’t go to a lot of live theater, but every time we see a play we vow to go more often.  I’ll warn you now, I’m not a professional theater critic so don’t expect any deep analysis here.   I just wanted to offer my thoughts on the play and performance as a casual theater goer.

Here’s the synopsis of the play.

The night before her wedding, Mary wakes from a recurring dream about a childhood love – and takes the audience through a dreamscape of love, heartache, passion and heroism.

Set against the backdrop of World War I, Mary’s Wedding presents lives and hearts caught in a time of stunning change. Dreams and life collide in an intimate and powerful work that asks, do we see the truth in our sleep, or after we awake?

Here’s what I saw.  Two very talented actors, Zach Kenney as Charlie and Gwendolyn Whiteside as Mary and one Cellist, Brian Grimm not only entertained me, but kept my rapt attention for a full 90 minutes.  There were no intermissions, no set changes, no costume changes.  They were on stage delivering a wonderful story about young love and loss for an hour and a half.  I’m still in awe at their talent and the craft of those behind the scenes as well.

The story telling by Stephen Massicotte was almost mystical in the way it blended conversation between Mary & Charlie’s childhood and Mary’s clairvoyant interludes into Charlie’s time in WW1 Germany.  I was “in it” with them for the full 90 minutes and I must have got something in my eye at the very end.  Must have been something in my eye because big, tough, gregarious  men don’t shed tears.  If you live in Indy, and don’t mind seeing a “chic play”, take a night and treat yourself to Mary’s Wedding at IRT.  It’s playing through 12/4.  Here are the tickets and times. And Thanks for the tickets boss. We enjoyed the show!

phen Massicottetephen Massicotte


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2 Responses to “Great Talent Amazes”

  1. Hi Larry,
    This is James Still — I directed the production of Stephen Massicotte’s play MARY’S WEDDING at the IRT that you so generously wrote about in your blog.

    I really appreciated your taking the time to share your experiences of seeing the play. It was a very interesting play to work on, and I agree — the actors (Wendy and Zach) and the cellist (Brian) are stunning in the show.

    Thanks for coming the IRT — hope you’ll come back soon.


    James Still
    Director, MARY’S WEDDING
    and the IRT’s Playwright in Residence

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