Now for something completely different….

Normally I write about things that are driving me crazy, ususally politics or the increasing size and intrusion of our government in our personal lives. Damn! I couldn’t even make it through one post without mentioning it.  Oh well, the rest of this entry is about something good.  Actually, two somethings good.  In the past month I have experienced exceptional customer service by two different companies. While we are quick to point out and share with others when a business lets us down, we often forget to give proper when credit our expectations are exceeded.

37 Signals LogoLet me start with the 37Signals. Is this company has a suite of tools, inexpensively priced, that worked very well for small to medium-sized businesses. I use their project management software, BaseCamp.  A few weeks ago I received an e-mail of apology from 37Signals concerning a file we had uploaded to BaseCamp.  Apparently, the file has been recorded in the database but the actual file never made it to the server. It was a very polite e-mail that included a sincere apology for the error.  37Signals found this error, we may never have noticed it except for their proactive quality control.

I was very impressed with this level of customer service and told several people about it. Imagine my surprise a few days later when I checked my account status and found that I had a $450 credit. I imagined I had double paid a few months or there was an accounting error.  I e-mailed customer support to have them look into the issue. They got back to me with in 30 minutes to let me know that because of the file error earlier in the month they had credited my account for three free months of service. This was unexpected and unnecessary, but 37Signals now has a customer for life and an evangelist who tells anyone needing online collaborative software about their company and their service.

Bose QC 15 Headphones (these rock!)My second experience was this past weekend. For Christmas my wife and daughters gave me a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones. I’ve always wanted a pair and I love them. The cord that goes from the headphones to your audio source detaches from the headphones. It’s a nice feature since I often snag the cord on something and rather than breaking the wires and ruining the cans,  it just disconnects. Unfortunately, I miss place things easily.  A few weeks ago I lost the audio cord.  I decided to check to see what a new cord would set me back. Not bad, just $15.  Rather than order it I decided to visit the Bose store in the Keystone at the Crossing mall.  I asked Aaron if they had the cords in stock. He said they did and went to the back storeroom to get one. When he returned with the cord I began to pull out my wallet–figuring it was going to cost at least $20 in the store but that was okay because I would’ve had to pay shipping online anyway. Aaron told me to put my money away; the cord was free. I needed a new cord due to my carelessness not to any defect in the product or negligence from the Bose Corporation. Yet, rather than just keep a customer happy and selling me a  new cord the Bose store delighted me with their service and like 37 Signals created a lifetime customer and evangelists.

We need more companies like these two.


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Son, brother, husband, father, boss, mentor & friend. Believer in unfettered personal liberty. Occasional host on 93.1 WIBC in Indianapolis.

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