The Perils of Ignoring Reality

I’m fat.  My genes and metabolism may have something to do with it, but they are not the root cause of my obesity.  I know that I cannot lose weight by overeating and under exercising. The human body, to be healthy, needs the right amount of food, the right kinds of food and physical exertion. For the past several years I felt I could eat a little better, eat a little less and exercise a little more to lose weight. The result is I have gained a little weight each month.  After several years, those monthly little bits have turned into over 80 pounds of unattractive, unhealthy body fat.

My mistake was not gluttony nor was it sloth.  My error was denying reality: eat too much, exercise too little, and you will gain weight.  I can wish it were not so. I can rail at the world that it is not fair.  I can hope that reality will change. But reality exists, as it is, with no regard for my wants, needs or hopes.  I can choose to ignore it, but I cannot avoid the consequences of making that choice.

Just like you and I, politicians must deal in reality or face the consequences.  Unfortunately, our politicians in Washington seem determined to ignore it.  The most blatant example of ignoring reality in the past several months is the intreptation of the Tea Party movement by the left AND the right.

On the left, the conventional wisdom seems to be that these people are uneducated, anti-government wackos.  Isn’t that what the British said about colonists in America?  The left refuses to acknowledge that our government cannot grant rights and it certainly cannot create a right for one group that infringes on the rights of another.  Our rights are all derived from the one basic right we are all born with, the right to live our lives, as we see fit based on our own values.

Conventional wisdom on the right would have you believe that the Tea Party movement is made up of conservatives that are now energized by the administration’s Collectivist agenda.  Sorry Newt and Sarah, you guys lose many of the  Tea Party people when you attempt to use governmental  power to enforce your religious values  on us all.  While I will agree that there are conservatives using the Tea Party movement to fight off the Democrat agenda, the majority of people in the movement seem to be people that feel they have no home in either party.

The left wants to subjugate individual rights to mythical societal rights.  The right wants to subjugate individual rights to  their version of religious morality.  For someone like me, the left and the right are essentially the same; both want to forcibly substitute their values for the values of the individual.  On the left it’s done in the name of the “greater good” and on the right it’s done in the name of God.  Both are amoral.  Our political system is broken because both the left and the right have forgotten that in America, the government does not exist to enforce the will of the majority, but to protect the individual from the will of the majority.


About Larry Downes

Son, brother, husband, father, boss, mentor & friend. Believer in unfettered personal liberty. Occasional host on 93.1 WIBC in Indianapolis.

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